19 Sep

What is faith? Faith is the most potent force in the universe, Faith empowers us to operate in the realm of God. Read Mark-9:23

Is that difficult to remember? Sometimes it is, it’s so difficult trying to access Gods’ voice when you’re being bombarded with opinions. How do we access Gods’ voice? Well that where prayer comes in, some call it that little tiny voice in your head, some call it your conscious, I call it Gods Voice! It was very difficult for me to hear Gods voice when I allow others to speak louder that Him, some people really have you best interest at heart but if we’re going to have faith we must put it in GOD and never MAN for He would never leave us nor forsake us, people do! God is always speaking but we’re not always listening; God is a Gentleman, He’s never going to come in unless you ask him too. I’m here for a purpose and you’re here for a purpose so it’s going to be difficult, God wants to establish His kingdom and that means that the devil wants you even more because you’re more that a conquer. I’ve battled with hearing Gods voice for a while but then I stepped back from myself and listened, how you might ask do you step back for yourself? Just be silent, still you mind and listen. The hardest task I’ve ever embarked on is “Dealing with Myself”. God is here to save us all from ourselves but if we don’t want to be saved then he’s not going to force Himself on us, you have to make that choice! I struggle everyday, I want to be a true man of God after His heart and I will get there because my life depends on it. It’s a very long road but I’m not going to give up on God cause He never not one time gave up on me. I have FAITH, I do believe in an unseen God, My life is worthless without Jesus Christ who died for me, so the lease I can do is try my hardest to show him unconditional love. Trust Him even when I cannot hear Him or seen Him, I love God too much to let my flesh keep coming in the way on Your glory for my life Lord. We are all kingdom seekers and we are going to find it! Please I beg You Please Don’t give up, God has His hand on You.

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