Walk by Faith.

26 Sep

What does it mean to walk by faith?
Faith is taken too lightly by Christians today, we as believers must depend on God for everything not just something but everything. God supply all of our needs but we tend to forget that as we grow in our spiritual walk with Him. Please don’t think that when we walk by faith that we don’t mess up or can’t mess up and don’t think that there’s no consequences in messing up. When we are obedient in our walk with Christ and listen to his word we are rewarded greatly but when we mess up we are scolded for disobedience think of it, just as you would scold your child/children for doing wrong or being disobedient God scolds you; you are His child and you want Him scold you. We can’t learn if we don’t make mistakes, you can have all the knowledge in the world but you will mess up in Christ. Look at Abram; Abram was promised a nation, but because he wasn’t obedient and he was flogged. Read Genesis 12-16 just to get a hint of God’s scolding, taking a look back at my life and seeing the mistakes that I’ve made and I tell you this making those mistakes were the best and worst mistakes I’ve ever made, but if it didn’t happened I wouldn’t be here to write about my progress. It’s not an easy walk but it’s the best walk you’ll ever take if you decide to do so. The development of my Faith in Christ is not on this straight road upwards, it was a rough, hilly, a lot of curves and at times I felt like I was lost but as I grow in my Faith with Christ and learn to depend on Him I’m finding that my burdens are getting lighter and lighter each day.

What are the requirements needed to walk by Faith?
1. I must learn to listen to God. (Genesis 12:1)
What is so amazing is that when God speaks He never contradicts the bible. When we hear Gods voice we must not just run out and tell the first person that we see, everyone doesn’t have your best interest at heart but God does all the time.

2. I must learn to obey the voice and direction that God has given.
What is partial obedience? Disobedience…
We cannot say that we trust God partly because that is being disobedient, every time we are disobedient there are consequences that we must face not sometimes all the time.

3. I must learn to DEPEND On God. (Genesis 12:1-10)
Even in our most difficult times we must learn to Trust and Obey God Hand. How many of us think that God can’t help us in out darkest hour, you’re never alone but you have to choice to shoulder your own burdens just remember that Jesus is waiting to relieve you of that heavy load.

4. I must learn to wait on God. (Genesis 16:1-2)
Please be careful who you listen too, I know that we have a lot of people that we speak too about different things but trust in God with all of your heart and he will never lead you astray. All those friends that you speak too gives you their opinion on whatever matter that you speak of but if you take it to God first you’ll never have to go to a friend for their opinion. An opinion is of the devil, God’s word has a solid foundation and can be backed up with scripture.

5. I must learn to acknowledge my faith failures to God and Profit from them. (Genesis 22:5)
what are faith failures? Faith failures are simply the thing that God asked of you but you failed to adhere too. Are you willing to trust God even if it cost you everything you have accrued in this Lifetime?


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